About Friends at the End

Friends at the End is a voluntary society dedicated to legalising Assisted Dying in the UK. We are a membership organisation with many of our members retired doctors, lawyers, academics as well as campaigners for the right to die as and when we choose.

FATE works closely with politicians, academics and the public to promote knowledge about End of Life choices, partake in political debates/consultations/legislative processes, invest in academic research to further our beliefs.

Our purposes:

  • Campaign for a change in the law relating to assisted suicide and euthanasia;
  • Work with our Parliament to produce responsible legislation on Assisted Dying for those who want/need it;
  • Promote knowledge about end of life choices and dignified death;
  • Support academic research to investigate the possibility of AD in the UK;
  • To advance the education of health/Legal professionals in the field;
  • To support research in this sphere.

We hold high profile public debates throughout the year, with speakers from all continents visiting us to give an insight into AD in their country. These can include doctors, politicians, health care professionals, lawyers or speakers with a personal experience to relate. Meetings are usually held in Glasgow with two meetings per year in London. For information on our next meeting, click here. The gatherings are very friendly and relaxed, and question time is always lively. Non-members are always welcome.

Members receive our quarterly Newsletter, and non-members are welcome to request the latest copy.

A list of current Council Members and general contact information can be found here.

Please remember FATE in your Will. You may not be able to assist us now, but a Bequest (large or small) in your Will can help us when it cannot help you. It takes lots of effort and money to influence legislation. For a sample Codicil to amend an existing Will, click here (doc) or here (pdf). Please feel free to contact us for guidance.