Creation of the First Irish Living Will

A Form that can be used Throughout the Island

Announcement from Dr Michael Irwin, 24 June 2008

As some of you know, I have made frequent trips to Dublin and to Belfast since last December [2007], working with various organizations there, as well as the Humanist Associations in the north and the south, to produce an Irish Living Will.

Up to now, Ireland has not had its own living will.

Now, the new document can be used both in Northern Ireland (where English law still exists, but the 2005 Mental Capacity Act, only for England and Wales, does not apply!) and also in the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish are very keen on "cross-border projects" now that peace exists.

One thousand copies of the paper version of this living will have already been distributed in Ireland (the six-page form can be folded twice to a nice A4 size).

From our website, further copies of the document can be downloaded free. I thought that this website would be of particular interest to all of you - you will note that on each of the six pages there is a background map of Ireland to stress that the form can be used throughout the island.

The Medical Council, in Dublin, has recently stated its support for living wills — it helped that I am a member now of the Irish Medical Organization!

Soon, there will be coverage in the main Irish newspapers, as well as adverts appearing in these.

So glad to be able to tell you about the above.

Irish Living Wills Trust

Note that the Irish Living Wills Trust website is currently being re-developed.