The Law

EUTHANASIA is a crime under all Jurisdictions in the United Kingdom, whatever the circumstances.

The Law in Scotland

  • There can be no offence of being guilty art & part of suicide or attempted suicide for the reason that neither of these is in itself a crime, & yet...
  • If the circumstances warrant it, attempted suicide may be prosecuted as a breach of the peace (hardly ever done).
  • A person who assists another, whether in the form of giving advice or the provision of the means, might be criminally liable of recklessly endangering human life or of culpable homicide, not homicide, because of the absence of malice. (Stair Memorial Encyclopedia, Criminal Law)

The Law in England Suicide Act, 1961

  • Decriminalised the act of suicide so that those who failed in the attempt would no longer be prosecuted.
  • A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another or attempt by another, to commit suicide, shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years.
  • Created a new offence of complicity in suicide.
  • Complicity in suicide — the effect is unparalleled because there is no other instance in which an accessory can incur liability when the principal does not commit a criminal offence.
  • The situation with a conspiracy to assist suicide is unique: if an individual incapable of committing suicide for himself enlist the aid of a outside party, that party may be charged with conspiracy.