Voice your Choice

The current law is unclear and discriminatory. At present the only legal option for hastening death is voluntarily refusing food and fluid, essentially starving and dehydrating to death. This causes distress and suffering for those dying and their wider family and friends.

There have been two attempts to change legislation in Scotland and over ten attempts in Westminster all where defeated. We hope that there will be further opportunities to improve end of life choices for individuals and to change the law on assisted dying.

By signing this pledge you are making the commitment to making your voice heard in the future on this subject.

If we are to make the UK’s laws more compassionate then we will need a critical mass of the public to ensure this, we hope you will join us.

‘I pledge to support the option of medically assisted dying which should be available to all mentally competent adults with either a terminal illness or an incurable condition causing hopeless and unbearable suffering with no reasonable alternative to relieve it, provided this is their own persistent request.’